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Four Funsies: An Art Show

February 28, 2012

Being a graduate of  HSPVA (highschoolfortheperformingandvisualarts) Visual Art Department i feel compelled to help advertise for a fellow artist friend. Samantha, my dear friend Halie’s littler sister, is a senior at HSPVA this year and is -start the count down- having her senior show this Thursday.

Here is a little summary of HSPVA, for you local and non local Houstonians who are unaware of this little gem right in our backyards. HSPVA is a public HISD high school located in the heart of Montrose that focuses on the arts (visual, dance, theatre, vocal, and instrumental). Along with you full course load of state required academics, an average student at PVA will take 3 hours of their art area a day. I loved every minute at this school and am proud to support current students getting their art on.

Back to Samantha who, with two other friends, will spend all day Thursday setting up her art in the campus’s art gallery and will unveil the show at 4 pm this Thursday.

Here are a few of her photographs and felt pieces:

The show will run for one week starting Thursday March 1st. Check out the facebook page here.


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