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Garden Party

March 30, 2012

I know this is a little late, but Dena and I had a wonderful weekend. Hopefully, all of you are getting ready to celebrate a relaxing few days and you will be inspired by our pictures! We started this weekend by country dancing at our favorite spot, Wild West! We began our Saturday by going out to several groups that share food with the homeless in our community and letting them know about the upcoming meetings for Houston Keep Sharing Free (are you interested in getting involved?). Dena then rushed to drop me off at Brasil so I could meet a friend for lunch. After that, we went canoeing down the bayou! I’ve been so busy these past couple of weeks, it was immensely relaxing to spend several hours doing nothing but floating and soaking up the sun.

On Sunday, our friend Ellie from Food Not Bombs/church invited us over for a garden party! A few of our friends from FNB were there, some new friends from Canvas church, and some of Ellie’s husband Fil’s work buddies. Any time a group of FNB folks have a party, we HAVE to play a goofy game. On Sunday, we played a drawing game.

To play, get a group of people together. Fold a paper so there are as many spaces as there are people playing (in our case, 6). Everyone has their own piece of paper with 6 slots. In the first slot, the person writes a sentence or draws a picture. Then, they pass it to their neighbor. The neighbor draws a picture based on the sentence or writes a sentence based on the picture. Then, that person folds down the other slots so only their new slot is showing and passes it to the next person. The next person does the same thing, and folds down the slot so only theirs is showing. At the end of the game, you see how much the original sentence/drawing changed! It’s sort of like a mix between pictionary and telephone.

We also played Spoons! Everyone got competitive and our friend Pete actually launched himself across the table. Ah, fun times.

We all brought something to share. That’s indian rice that Nick brought. I still have some of the leftovers. YUM.

Here we all are playing the drawing game. Ellie and I are both wearing stripes!

We biked over to the party. Mine is the silver bike, Dena’s is the blue one.

Dena in her Hawaii dress. (No, really! She bought it in Hawaii!)

Dena and Chris, the pastor of Canvas.

Dena playing the drawing game.

Our friend Nick, who brought the rice.

My feet! (the boat shoes, obviously)

What are y’all’s plans for this weekend? Is it spring where you are yet?

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