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Houston Indie Book Fest

April 15, 2012

Makenzie and I love where we live, in the hear of montrose, houston, texas. we’re within biking distance to all are favorite cheep-date lunch spots. we could walk to three different grocery stores, shop, and be back within half an hour (although we try hard to ONLY support fiesta on dunlavy, no HEB for me). we are within winking distance of half a dozen coffee shops. we can see the med center/galleria/downtown from atop our UST parking garage. and best of all, we’re near a ton of world famous museums and art galleries. we try hard to take advantage of all Houston inner 610 loop has to offer, this weekend was not exception.

Saturday marked the Houston Indie Book Festival, hosted on the Menil lawn. Mak and I had a late coffee date at black hole coffee shop and then biked over. within 5 minutes we saw  pretty much every single person we know – we felt ultra popular. here are some pics to highlight the afternoon.

1. mak getting over stimulated by all the books and friends we can already see from afar.   2. puppy on the table.   3./4. zines! mak was a proud contributor to this one – she has too cute ink drawings realting to FNB.   5. more books.   6. cute homemade flags.   7./8. me with my “hooray fiction” pinnet.   9. lovin’ all the creative paperweights.   10. ran into JP (i see him at all the him art openings) check out his newest project Antena Books at project row houses. i haven’t been yet, so leave a comment if you know any more info.   11. lots of feet buying books.   12. mak.   13. dena with her flag and a fun boy in the background *wink wink*.   14. mak getting our bikes. ready for the rest of the day.

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