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Spring Seashore: road trip down to galveston

April 26, 2012

A few weeks ago Houston had it’s first gorgeous spring day. Makenzie and I had been apart for 17+ hours (super rare for us, we’re pretty much together everyday-all the time) but we some how both had the “great” idea to head down to the beach the celebrate this new season, so we exchanged a phone call (not too hard, we’re each other’s #1 in our contact list). We shimmied into our suits, grabbed some cut offs, packed a snack bag and headed down to Galveston in Makenzie’s car.

We listened to 97.1 (country ledgens) the whole way, singing alone to every Willie, Hank, and David Allan Coe song that played. We paralleled parked along the sea wall and upon getting out of the car, were completely caught off guard but the darn cold WIND! turns out that just because it’s perfect weather 60 miles inland, doesn’t mean it’ll feel the same at the beach. anyway, we had just drove an hour and were’re not going to at least try to tough it out. we snapped a million pictures, despite the windy weather, and then attempted to tan. long story short, i put on a sweater and took a nap in a “turtle-sleeping-in-his-shell”/”child’s pose” position. Makenzie put on a trench coat, to save her upper body from the wind storm, and tanned her legs. didn’t want my camera to get sand in it so i didn’t take it down to the water, guess you’ll have to take my word on it.

after we’d had enough of the sea breeze a.k.a. barreling wind storm we headed into town for a quick walk around the strand. here  is some aftermath of hurricane IKE that fit a few years ago, the city is still recovering. we got a little sentimental at this point.

At the strand Makenzie and I frequented our two favorite stores, don’t ask me the names, one is a quaint little antique store where makenzie once bought a pair of doll eye balls for an ex-bf. The other has lots of trinkets: central/south American imports.

We had to leave on short notice, totally forgot we had a Hatchetation meeting to attend, prior to the Lone Star Performance Weekend, so we headed back home without even stopping at the huge XXI store on the way back (thanks halie for introducing me to that place). moral of the post: if the weather is perfect where you are, be content and enjoy it, because the grasses isn’t always green in another city.


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  1. April 26, 2012 12:12 pm

    Hendley Market!!!

  2. April 26, 2012 11:52 pm

    Yea, down towards the end of the strand (or the beginning, depending which way your coming!).

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