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dena’s back home

July 27, 2012

wow, 10 hours of flying and 6 hours of layovers and i’m finally back home. ILOVEHOUSTON. (btw, i’m not going to complain anymore about the airport because i know it could have been way WAY worse.) scotland was extraordinary, in fact it was SO great that it will take this next week to get caught up on blog posts to show off all the pictures i took and tell you all the stories i was apart of and memories i made. future posts to look forward to: my weekend exploring edinburgh, my backpacking/hostel experience on the isle of skye, a whole post dedicated to European architecture and in particular city skylines, as well as … myfavoritefuturepostohmygoshi’vebeeneditingthephotocollectionnonstop  … people of london and fashion of london. so get ready.

as for makenzie, she won’t be home until the first of august but guess where she’s going this weekend ? freakin’ barcelona, spain!!! wow, i’m so jealous. hopefully she’ll have stories to share when she comes back. as for me, can’t wait for my next trip abroad but at the same time oh so glad to be home


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