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Food Not Bombs taking it down to city hall

August 14, 2012

I hope everyone reading this post today knows something about houston’s food ordinance that was passed a few months ago and went into effect on july 1st 2012. as you know makenzie and i are active members in houston’s food not bombs and feel very VERY passionate about this issue. (if you want a little more info on this issue you can read about it HERE or HERE or even HERE) so, long story short, we are done with the signature gathering stage and are now headed back to houston city hall today to voice our opinions on this issue one more time. for this week’s city council session we’re focusing on our right as citizens to vote on this ordinance. we’ve got the same group of lawyers that successfully removed houston’s red light cameras on our side, so we know there is possibly a light at the end of the tunnel.

if you want to come support us, and help us fill up city hall please PLEASE come down to city council today at 2pm. if you want to speak, call the city secretary at: 832-393-1100 and make a reservation for 1 minute. (i just did this, btw) otherwise just bring your state ID/DL and come sit with us as we try to “do the right thing” in regards to sharing food with houston’s needy community.

here is what i’m planning to say during my 1 minute in front of city council:

dear mayor parker, from Dena and Makenzie on Vimeo.

wish us luck,


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  1. Sway permalink
    August 14, 2012 5:52 pm

    Sing it sister! I just saw this, so I obviously didn’t make it. But I hope it went really well and that you felt good about your one minute statement. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. suzie permalink
    August 15, 2012 12:54 am

    Nice video. Succinct, and not too snarky. Well wishes..

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