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HOW COULD I FORGET: montrose rock revel

September 5, 2012

this post is oh so delayed – i guess that’s what happens when you go out to fun things every night of every week with your best friend – and get sorta slacky when it comes to posting about all of them. point is, this was the first ever Montrose Rock Revel. it was hosted in the upstairs room at rudyards pub. its was $8 –unless your name starts with a “p” and ends in an “l” and you came to the show late because you were at a skeeter’s baseball game and you kept your blue wristband on and the girl at the door thought you were with one of the bands and let you in fo free – unless that was you, everyone had to pay to get in. you know makenzie and i are mega cheep but let me just tell you paying ocho dollars was totally worth it for this FULL night of fun things.

see this guy with the hat? he was letting people stapel money to his face. SERIOUSLY. he had a stapler in one hand and if you gave him a $1 he’d let you literally staple it to his face. by the end of the night he had multiple bills fluttering from each cheek. pretty freakin’ weird and unnecessary if you ask me.

there was music + performances from 4pm – 2am but we didn’t get there until after dinner time. wewereatPARTICKRENNER’sartopeningupuntilthen. of the shows we saw, the performers/bands were: evan mccarley, march to the sea, jessie noel, SPIKE, second lovers, mutulu, fox & cats, sway youngston, shotgun funneral, and the trimms.

evan did a little performance pice with that cake and her guitar. she was going to fart on the cake, but decided it’d be cooler if we just all ate it. good call evan – cake at a bar is ALWAYS appreciated. makenzie and i like to sneak snacks into places we go, you know, so we don’t have to spend money buying food. point is, i now know that goldfish crackers go great with cake icing.

there were also LOTS of local artist showing their work. we bought $1 stickers and makenzie got a little baby zine. oh and how could i forget yoko vintage who filled the space inbetween the stage/bar/pool tabels with lots and lots of super stylish vintage pieces.

there’s our man phil, in the striped shirt with the camera, if you haven’t checked out his blog yet. ummm you’re obviously not as cool as us. so DO IT.

this is makenzie’s face while watching our friends sway and raindawg doin’ so rad performance art.

for sway’s piece she posted a poster that said “text me” with her number. she waited for texts and when received would read them out loud. inbetween each one she’s either wrap a rubber band around her tongue or her face and then continue on reading texts off her phone. at the end of the piece, 10 or so minutes, she chunked her phone into a pint of beer and CHUGGED IT.

next there was MORE good music. which ment more dancing in the front row for makenzie and me. btw who LOVES ashley’s eyes in this picture. ummm WE DO. as for the picture below, yep, this is pretty much what the show was like.

we stayed way past closing to help maria and friends clean up. lots of vintage clothes folding and drunkfriendsinthebathroom checking. i was half helping half GONING CRAZY about how good The Trimms were. i’d never seem them before and man oh man was i blown away. the second i heard dolly parton’s “jolene” i ran up the the stage as fast as i could, pushed through all the drunk girls, stood front and center and SCREAMED EVERY SINGLE WORD. wow new favorite local band ever. welovethetrimms.

see you next year MONTROSE ROCK REVEL.


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 6, 2012 3:43 pm

    Thanks, Dena! Next Montrose Rock Revel is happening this November 17th at Dan Electro’s Bar!


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