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local art openings this month: patrick renner

September 6, 2012

last week, before heading over the the Montrose Rock Revel, makenzie and i detoured to partick renner’s art opening at avis frank gallery in the heghts. (the old king biscuit) patrick was one of my art teachers at HSPVA and one of those guys who everyone just really likes. i love his art, and how we have a lot of overlapping friends, and the fact that he’s getting married in a few weeks. everyone i talk to is just so happy for partrick and marisa.

for the picture above i asked matt and alex to go stand by makenzie. and well, these guys are pretty weird so go figure they couldn’t just stand next to her and smile.

there’s partrick in the green shirt, with his arm on one of his pieces. oh, and makenzie you can feel free thank me for not cropping you out of this picture later.

miss out on this opening? wishing you had plans this weekend that included art, good looking people, and possibly free alcohol and cheese plates? we’ll you’re in so much luck because this friday and saturday are freakin’ packed with art opening/receptions all over town. make sure you check our houston event calendar for this week to get some deets. just off the top of my head i can tell ya i’ll be at the art league, box 13, and mr. wood’s ones.

here’s me in front of a very large stop sign. i made a point to say “very large” because although i’m pretty short i’m not THAT little. oh and those bikes – ya they just like belong to our friends. oh and that truck, ya that’s mine.


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  1. September 7, 2012 2:10 pm

    So close to my apartment! I drive by there everyday to get to class!

  2. September 8, 2012 5:09 pm

    I love your outfit and new glasses!! so awesome!

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