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houston events calendar: october 29 november 4, 2012

October 29, 2012

this week’s event calendar is RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL THEMED. yep, me and mak and 2 boys headed out there yesterday – blog post by makenzie (hehe makenzie, you didn’t know about this and now i’m surprising you on the internet in front of EVERYONE) to come soon. as for this week, i am a little bit over halloween (the ruth haus party took it all out of me, in a good way. that party ROCKED) but am excited about the box 13 and CAMH opening and frank’s show tonight, oh and vegan lunch too. yay fun week.

monday october 29, 2012

tuesday october 30, 2012

wednesday october 31, 201

thursday november 1, 2012

friday november 2, 2012

saturday november 3, 2012

sunday november 4, 2012

  • bayou bikers at market square park . mkt sq pk 420 travis st . 8pm . FREE
  • free in-store show: the kernal . cactus records . 4pm . FREE MUSIC AND BEER
  • houston food not bombs . in front of the downtown public library . 7pm . bring a vegetarian/vegan dish to share or just come help out . FREE
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