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Makenzie’s Sneak Peak

November 15, 2012

Hello friends! Dena’s been showing off so many sneak peaks, now its my turn! Here’s some cool things around my house.

PS all these pictures were taken at my old apartment. I still have most of this stuff though.
Here is a picture of my Yashica camera. I bought this camera when I was in high school for 12 dollars off Craigslist. A cool thing about it is that it’s a rangefinder camera which means when you look in to the viewfinder, you will see double of whatever it is you’re focusing on. You fiddle with the focus until the double images align. When the images align perfectly, you’ve got it in focus.

Here is my (partial) movie collection, my record player, and some knick knacks. That small orange book is an address book I’ve had forever. TRUE STORY: I HAVE PHYSICAL BACK UP OF ALL MY PHONE NUMBERS. Not even kidding, I periodically go through my phone and physically record all my numbers. I got that viewmaster on family vacation one year. It has a “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears” reel in it right now; in one scene, it looks like the baby bear violently poked his own eye out. Pretty cool.
Record collection (quite a few more since this photo was taken). My mom got me into records when I was much younger. I started my collection by inheriting all my grandad’s Ahmad Jamaal records. I think the first record I bought myself was “Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”. My favorite album I own is Dungen’s “4”. I bought it at Domino Records in New Orleans, which is one of the coolest record stores I’ve been in. My grandma bought me a Buddy Holly album there, because she dated him. Seriously. She did. (date him that is)
Old kitchen. You can see a picture of Ninja and Yolandi above the sink. Ninja’s threatening face was a reminder to do the dishes. Hanging on the wall, you can see some of my calendar collection: a large plastic virgin of guadalupe calendar I got at Dollar King on a road trip, and a green fabric calendar from 1969 that I got at an estate sale right after Tony busted his face last year.
Very small part of my library and some glitter.

In this picture, you can see my wooden flashlight (just what it sounds like…a flashlight made out of wood) and a clock I got last year around Christmas from a thrift store. I like it except it’s motorized so it makes a loud grinding sound.

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