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life at Ruth HAUS . fall 2012

December 1, 2012

DSC_0557so i’ve been a resident of ruth haus co-op for a little over a month and have settled into the routine quite nicely. yes i live with 14 roommates and yet sometimes i’ll come home between classes or after work and be the only one home. on other occasions, i’ll come home to a house full of homemade dinner and voices. here are some every day sort of pictures from Ruth.



DSC_0559this was our first OFFICIAL dinner together as a co-op.


DSC_0566i’ve had so many people ask me about our labor system. here it is in a nutshell. we have a labor czar who makes sure our house stays clean – our bellies full – and our co-op an over all enjoyable place to call home. each member of the house has 4-5-6 (?) hours of labor to complete a week. for example, my labor each week is to clean the first floor bathroom // cook dinner on tuesdays // wash dishes and clean the kitch on thursdays // as well as represent our house on the HAUS level board  and be the house’s membership coordinator.




DSC_0626last night there was a performance art performance (is that how you describe it ?) and it seemed like our WHOLE house was there. not even kidding. actually … let me count it out in my head real fast … ok 11 out of the 15 were there. anyway i made makenzie take a picture to prove it. and actually, if you substitue evan in for margaret and david c in for moses and andrew in for that random photo bomber guy with the hat – and of course add another becca, shaun,scotty, and amanda. that’d be ALL of us.

DSC_0559this is our new mail box, look right.


DSC_0563and here are some roommates making beer. it’s not totally done yet, and i don’t even like beer, but its exciting none the less.

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  1. December 1, 2012 9:15 pm

    PLEASE invite me over to see you amazing house sometime?! And please tell me y’all are decorating for Christmas with a house that big…

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