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netflix review: fixation

November 18, 2012


THIS DOCUMENTARY IS: Informative, Inspiring, and Educational

So you ride fixed but your friends don’t really understand what the point is? Show them this film. This film is full of interviews with fixed gear riders on why they bike, how to handle drivers, and the beauty of riding fixed. There are great shots of California and some great scenes of people riding on the road. Basically this show made me want to ride my bike forever.


Makenzie’s Sneak Peak

November 15, 2012

Hello friends! Dena’s been showing off so many sneak peaks, now its my turn! Here’s some cool things around my house.

PS all these pictures were taken at my old apartment. I still have most of this stuff though.
Here is a picture of my Yashica camera. I bought this camera when I was in high school for 12 dollars off Craigslist. A cool thing about it is that it’s a rangefinder camera which means when you look in to the viewfinder, you will see double of whatever it is you’re focusing on. You fiddle with the focus until the double images align. When the images align perfectly, you’ve got it in focus.

Here is my (partial) movie collection, my record player, and some knick knacks. That small orange book is an address book I’ve had forever. TRUE STORY: I HAVE PHYSICAL BACK UP OF ALL MY PHONE NUMBERS. Not even kidding, I periodically go through my phone and physically record all my numbers. I got that viewmaster on family vacation one year. It has a “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears” reel in it right now; in one scene, it looks like the baby bear violently poked his own eye out. Pretty cool.
Record collection (quite a few more since this photo was taken). My mom got me into records when I was much younger. I started my collection by inheriting all my grandad’s Ahmad Jamaal records. I think the first record I bought myself was “Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”. My favorite album I own is Dungen’s “4”. I bought it at Domino Records in New Orleans, which is one of the coolest record stores I’ve been in. My grandma bought me a Buddy Holly album there, because she dated him. Seriously. She did. (date him that is)
Old kitchen. You can see a picture of Ninja and Yolandi above the sink. Ninja’s threatening face was a reminder to do the dishes. Hanging on the wall, you can see some of my calendar collection: a large plastic virgin of guadalupe calendar I got at Dollar King on a road trip, and a green fabric calendar from 1969 that I got at an estate sale right after Tony busted his face last year.
Very small part of my library and some glitter.

In this picture, you can see my wooden flashlight (just what it sounds like…a flashlight made out of wood) and a clock I got last year around Christmas from a thrift store. I like it except it’s motorized so it makes a loud grinding sound.

road trip: dallas // fort worth

November 14, 2012

this past thursday night my bff, bf, and i set out on a mini-cation road trip on I45 north. the bf has parents in fort worth and makenzie has her aunt and uncle in dallas (or “dal – eye” as we like to call is, simply because we’re weird) point is, it was SO FUN and here are some pictures to prove it. oh and notice that maroon book under mak’s new hat ? yep, thats a hymn book i borrowed from my church. mak and i LOVE singing church songs a cappella  so the hymnal was a must for this trip – since the bf drove and we were both able to look at the words. my favorite song: i danced in the morning / lord of the dance. look it up on youtube – its SO good.

makenzie and i have NEVER EVER gone on a roadtrip together without stopping at a sonic, at least once. i wanted a cranberry slush (got strawberry brought out to me by mistake, but hey, not going to complain) mak got THE BEST and her FAVORITE strawberry cream slush and mozzarella cheese sticks and the bf shared with both of us.

as for what we actually did when we got there, well lets just say: a lot of talking, a lot of impromptu ipod playlist creating, playing bloccus, antiquing, eating cone pudding casserole and 7 layer dip twofomyfavoritefoodsofalltime, watching netflix in bed, cutting out felt texas’ (i’m reallying into crafting right about now), eating at a sweet vegan restaurant in dal-eye and ummm i don’t know – having like so much fun being best buds. duh.

one exciting thing was, makenzie’s aunt and uncle took us to the dallas arboretum. not only was the weather perfect and the nature up to par – but there happened to be almost a dozen Chihluy pieces on display through the gardens.  oh and, if you’re wondering what gardens in london look like, this place is a perfect example. from my perspective at least.

awww, aren’t we cute together.

after parkin’ at the park we did some sight seeing, joked about getting tattoo. don’t worry we seriously ONLY JOKED, i promise mom. anyway we went to the cosmic cafe. super great vegan indian food in a super rad setting.

the bf and i came home sunday morning in his jeep, while mak stayed on into the afternoon and eventually took the grayhound express bus back to houston. fun experience all around, oh and a little bit of good news. maybe if you know me in real life you know i’m wanting and currently in school right now to be a teacher. well, theres a very important “state of texas content area exam” i needed to take and pass in order to fulfill that dream. AND I PASSED. so looks like i am one step closer to changing the lives of thousands of students in my eventual future. so yep, thats some news from me. that’s all, life is good.


houston events calendar: november 12 – 18, 2012

November 12, 2012


so me + mak + the bf spent the weekend in dallas/fort worth and now WE’RE BACK HOME and ready to share the best of this week’s events with you here on the blog. i never got around to taking pictures for the calendar, so thought i’d just use some photos i took saturday at the dallas arboretum Chihuly exhibit. so enjoy the post and check back tomorrow for a full-er thispastweekendroadtrippost.

monday november 12, 2012

tuesday november 13, 2012

wednesday november 14, 2012

thursday november 15, 2012

friday november 16, 2012

saturday november 17, 2012

sunday november 18, 2012

200th post

November 7, 2012

this is our 200th post. thats pretty impressive for 2 college girls with jammed packed life who just happen to blog on the side. you know what else is impressive? all the feedback we’ve got. this blog started back in january as a little baby best friend thing to do. we figured that since we already do EVERYTHING together, why not find a new outlet for people to get to know us/ for us to look cool. we stared off doing outfit posts and posting homemade recipes and crafts – and well, since january a few things have changed. we currently post under the umbrella of “scene bloggers” updating friends and strangers alike to goings on in the houston area, all from our kooky perspective. who knows how PanchoandLeftey will morph in the future, hopefully it’ll just get bigger and better and we’ll get more popular and someday we’ll be FAMOUS. (btw- thats totally dena’s goal)

back to real life – as a little seasonal treat and celebration for our 200th blog post here are some photos of dena + mak + the bf that you probably haven’t seen yet. enjoy. and keep following panchoandleftey !!!

1. makenzie + dena on the first day of our last year of college. we had a bitter sweet moment, until we realized we were running late and had to speed to school  //  2. mak + the bf working on some zine-ies in dena’s ruth room (back before it was finished)  //  3. earlier this season dena’s little puppy dog was really sick, she took this picture when she was SURe pixy was going to die. welp, she did’t. she’s fine now  //   4. houston skyline, headed south on houston ave.  //  5. mak + dena + the bf at black hole celebrating tony’s GRE scores and getting ready to go to the counter crawl 666  // 6. dena + the bf at brazos bend, little camping-mini-cation  //  7. goofball raccoon and tired bff at a halloween party  //  7. more brick-a-brack in dena’s room  //  8.  dena + mak at a first friday pot luck coolhousenickandthanksforhosting!!!  //  9. dena’s bf’s tattoo . probably one of her favorite tattoos of all time. you rock it tony  //  10. bf + mak at a friend’s “pop up art show” being silly.

.dena + mak.

houston events calendar: november 5 – 11, 2012

November 5, 2012

i’m so lucky. this weekend i’m going road-tripping with my best friend and boyfriend. yay and YAY. it’s going to so fun, and although i’ll be missing houston it’ll be nice to have a little mini-cation. see you on the flip side houston!

monday november 5, 2012

tuesday november 6, 2012

  • art opening + election watching party: your land/ my land . CAMH . 6:30pm . FREE
  • parks by you election party . continental club . 6pm . FREE
  • houston tomorrow election party . natachees . 6ish ? . FREE
  • acuerdo de musica libre . spring st. studio . 7-8pm . $13 ish

wednesday november 7, 2012

thursday november 8, 2012

friday november 9, 2012

saturday november 10, 2012

sunday november 11, 2012

sneak peak: dena’s ruth room

November 4, 2012

time for another “sneak peak” post. this should be fun for anyone who wants to see what some random stranger or perhaps close friend or most likely acquaintance’s new bedroom looks like. i’m thinking that some fellow house-mates might even be into this post. i mean, i’m living with 14 other people, and i’m certain they have yet to all see my room now that it’s decorated. keep in mind i’ve only been here a few weeks and haven’t put to much time aside for completing the decorating process.

  • some rings . a little metal buffalo figurine from high school . some painted sticks (btw halie i’m still interested in that big one) . and a picture/paper doll cut out of my favorite house in houston .

  • frequent beauty products . ALL of my makeup (cream blush + mascara is all i ever use) . my grandmother’s hand mirror . and a baby and big mama bump-it  .

  • trip-tych mirror from a way cool estate sale sophomore year (the day makenzie and i got our grades back from sr. paula jean’s class research paper) . 1950s avon soap holder that i keep my bangle bracelets in . cute little hair band/bobby pin/ random things storage chests, jars, and tins .

  • quilt my great grandmother (on my dad’s side) made in the mid 1900s .

  • newspaper on the windows only to keep the snoopers out and until i make some real curtains .

  • patch i got at the anarchist book fair last year, have yet to find something to sew it to, thought i could just display it on a hanger in the mean time .

  • painted bottels . flowers from my boyfriend . some little do-das on my baby book shelf .

  • drawing of that same favorite house . old-timey picture (back says “dear mom, this little girl got scared up a tree by a bid bad wolf “) . tin sacred heart .

  • old timey picture i cutout and backed with wood in highschool . trout fish + crown drawing . little jar/box/wire dish . pink quarts rock from the bf .

  • some of my favorite felt creations, i usually just attach them to sweaters with a safety pin .

  • thermostat that just happens to control mine and 5 of my roommates bedrooms (who even puts a thermostat in a bedroom ?) . intercom system that doesn’t work anymore . picture of my great grandparents (the one who made the quilt) on their wedding day in 1921 .

  • more bf flowers . extra quilts/ blanket . more painted bottles . record player . “dena” art that makenzie made me randomly a few years ago .

  • mason jar drinking glass (didn’t even stage this, i was really drinking water out of it this morning) . little vase/ picture frame/ incense burner . lamp .

  • cool wire basket i found in our garage . record collection . towels i ACTUALLY use . mocassins i wear everyday .

  • i have 2 closets, this smaller one i use for clothes, the bigger one will EVENTUALLY be a desk/ shoe storage area but right now has turned into a baby junk room .

  • a rug that i found in my room when i moved in – thanks previous owner .