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Best friends, living in Houston.

We love: dancing to live local music, DIY homely crafts, art openings, cheep meals, whistling at each other from across the room, coffee shop people watching, embarrassing ourselves in public, sitting on stairs gossiping together and anything FREE.

Dena and Makenzie “houston’s newest sceen bloggers” in a nutshell:

Dena is a born and raised Houston inner 610 looper. In fact, her elementary, middle, high school, and university are all within a 2-mile radius. But just because she’s never lived outside of Houston doesn’t mean she hasn’t traveled the world. Trips in the near future include Londen and possibly Scotland this summer (along with makenzie to visit makenzie’s immediate family who have  moved their for work) and a study abroad trip to Jamaica in January.  She is an Education major and plans to make a career as a pre-school teacher, although teaching kids art classes would be her ideal job (she’s not interested whatsoever in teaching any child above 3rd grade because they’d most likely be taller than her). Dena has been a vegetarian for 8 years and counting, enjoys yoga, loves country dancing, and is an avid reduce/reuse/rebuy/refuse/recycler. She spends her days biking, unless its too hot and in which case driving her red pick up truck (which happens to be littered with bumper stickers) down back roads of Houston to and from nanny jobs, resale shops, and 24hr dinners (she has always dreamed of being a waitress). She showers only when she HAS to, wears one pair of shoes for an entire season (s/s target sandals, f/w moccasins), and is proud of the fact that she still has a flip phone and can text a million mph on it without looking. -but never while driving, she’s WAY against that. seriously.

Makenzie moved to Montrose for college 3 1/2 years ago and has never looked back – montrose is her new home sweet home. She is studying psychology and receiving a minor in business (a move she was pressured into by her parents by has actually learned to love). Makenzie is 5′ 10” but doesn’t blink at the idea of wearing heels and red lipstick on a regular basis, she is proud and confident 24/7 and makes “business casual” look fun. Makenzie has great work ethic and is always “doing” something; wether is be on, walking to the local coffee shop to read a library book (of which she has a bad habit of returning), or working one of her many part time jobs.  Makenzie has mastered the art of two-stepping and polkaing (thanks to her bestie dena who she got the idea from) and loves to go out dancing. She is also a fan of any and every funny t.v. show that can be viewed on hulu or netflix and is unable to summarize an episode without cracking up laughing. (whoes line is it anyway is her new favorite) She is hardily NOT caught within a 2 inch distance from an electronic divice (those primarily consist of her macbook pro or her $10 cricket cell phone) and has every sigle URL address related to feminist blogging committed to memory. She could eat an entire pint of Blue Bell ice cream in one sitting, wishes she wore glasses, and enjoys the constant compliments from strangers regarding her curls.

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  1. June 2, 2012 8:37 pm

    You guys are awesome!!

  2. June 27, 2012 11:03 am

    Sigh…I wish I could whistle. I get teased about it a lot.

  3. gloria atkins permalink
    October 22, 2012 8:43 am

    WOW! Ya’ll sound busy, i got tired just reading about it, lol! Hope you don’t mind this Grandma of 10 following your blog. I came for the Tx. flag tutorial & stayed after i read your blog. Ya’ll remind me of me & my bff. We’re still best buds, we just don’t get 2 see each other as much as we’d like but THANK U JESUS for FB. Thanks, ya’ll have a BLESSED DAY!

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